"We didn't inherit the world from our fathers, but we borrowed it from our children and we have to give it back to them better than we found it.”
Sir. Robert Baden-Powell

We participate in reducing the ecological footprint of the footwear sector by promoting the conscious use of eco-sustainable materials. As consultants and technical partners we get into the substance of the production dynamics of our customers, to optimize costs and anticipate any possible issue in the production, use and recycling of shoes.


In synergy with suppliers and customers, year after year, we have seen our work converging towards an ambitious supply chain goal: to  achieve a circular economy through the identification of materials and production solutions with zero impact.

Studs, buckles, hooks, laces, sewing threads, adhesives, fabrics, infinite small details, even if invisible to the naked eye, can revolutionize the concept of footwear in this sense and express a new idea, a new style, a new use, a new cycle of life.


One of the main assets of the TeknoTrade® project is the “eco-friendly” selection of accessories and sewing threads for which an exponential development is expected in terms of types and assortment. We believe it is part of our role in the industry to inform, involve and support more and more shoe manufacturers in the face of the very current challenge of social responsibility and sustainability.