Through a network of commercial relationships all over the world, we are committed to provide the footwear sector operators with standard or customized solutions, focusing on our ability to be the first to intercept innovations. We offer a competitive and complete service, consistent
with the market logic that requires attention to the budget, rapid feedback, compliance with the quality standards and style of the client brands.


We offer specific solutions to solve production and technical problems, providing a consulting service to producers, designers and innovators in the sector. We make our know-how and our skills available, also getting into the substance of the production choices, to offer products which are designed and tailored for every need.


We organize tailor-made supplies so that the final result is a unique shoe in the market. Innovative ideas and problems related to design and production represent a daily challenge for us: if a product already exists, we evaluate the options to customize it; if a product does not exist, we involve suppliers to invent it.


We have acquired a deep understanding of the dynamics of the sector and made flexibility a key value for our organization. In this way,  we can serve all types of customers, from large industries to designers
and artisanal shoe manufacturers, in synergy with the relative production methods, from ready to programmed.