Into the footwear

The best shoes are the expression of the right balance between form and substance: they are born from brilliant and original ideas together with a complex combination of elements, often hidden. It is on this awareness that we have defined our mission: to be “into the footwear”, at the service of designers, laboratories and shoe  industries.


The Tekno Trade brand is inspired by the oldest meaning of the Latin word “techno”, or technique. The specialization in selecting accessories and sewing threads for the production of shoes represents the DNA of this network of companies, an intertwining of in-depth technical knowledge in the field of materials and applications with the experience of two historical entrepreneurial realities “Tekno Accessori” and “Tekno Filati”. The union of two forces led to the creation of a joint commercial identity, a new concept with only one goal: to give shape and life to every shoe model, at the service of Made in Italy and Designed in Italy.


Analyzing trends and following footwear exhibitions have never been enough to be leading characters in a sector that does not need simple intermediaries. This is why we have always developed an aptitude for problem-solving to complement our commercial nature, establishing dialogue and maintaining a privileged relationship with the main producers of accessories and sewing threads. By actively participating in the research and development phases of suppliers, in fact, we interpret and sometimes anticipate the customers’ needs, with the result of keeping our offer always updated and always two steps forward.


Tekno Filati S.r.l. – Company profile

One of the protagonists of the TeknoTrade network is Tekno Filati, a company specialised in the supply of sewing thread for the production of all types of footwear. Entering the Tekno Filati headquarters means diving in a space of matter and color where you can touch almost every type of yarn for industrial stitching, from “traditional” solutions to the most sophisticated and innovative ones. The plurality of available yarns represents products with unique and highly technological properties that continuously evolve to anticipate the needs of the market in terms of customization, functionality and performance.
Tekno Filati S.r.l. is located in Puglia, in Barletta (BT) in via Callano 161- 163, internal 56. 

Tekno Accessori S.r.l. – Company profile

Tekno Accessori is Tekno Filati’s partner within the TeknoTrade commercial network, a company specialized in the supply of accessories and components for manufacturers of safety, technical, sports, comfort and fashion footwear. With a large selection of goods ready for delivery, Tekno Accessori makes problem-solving its business card. Not only first choice materials to assemble and complete every type of shoe but also, and above all, a team of consultants always ready to listen to the customers’ needs to find optimal solutions in terms of costs and results.
The headquarters of Tekno Accessori S.r.l. is located in Puglia, in Barletta (BT) in via Callano 161-163, interiors 57 and 58.